The Memory Game Box

disclaimer: this is a group project and all the accomplishments were achieved as a group

Date: September 2019 – December 2019

The Final Design-The Memory Game Box

This is a hardware design class where we learned to use Arduino to code into the small device and to use wires to connect buttons and LED lights together. This is a game box called The Memory Game Box for students to play in order to enhance their ability to memorize things. To begin with the game, the screen will show the menu and the user can press start the game to start. Then, there will be a series of different lights turning on in a random sequence. The user should remember the sequence and then press the corresponding buttons following the same sequence.

To design this hardware and to code the software system, we first drew a paper prototype that demonstrated the shape and colors we chose. We also constructed a flowchart to help us better understand the coding logic.

paper prototype
the flowchart to visualize the Arduino codes

Then, we used Arduino to code the software system so that the LED lights could react to the pressing buttons.

Arduino coding sessions

We then wired the electronic wires and buttons together and connect all the hardware parts together. We cut the paperboard to construct the cover of the game box. We then wired all the buttons with corresponding output wires.

the design process